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*ENROLL NOW for 2005-2006*

Bringing Christ to the Wisconsin Valley through Christian Education
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Registration Information 2005-2006



To register for the 2005-2006 school year, students must submit their application packet to the school office.  Applications are now accepted.  Get a $100.00 registration discount if received prior to April 30th, 2005.   To receive your application packet or if you have any questions, contact Mr. Rawlings at (715) 693-2693.  Packets may also be picked up at any of the Lutheran elementary schools in the Wisconsin Valley, at any of the Lutheran churches that are members of the Wisconsin Valley Lutheran High School Association, or at the high school office.


An application packet consists of the following:


  • A completed application form signed by the student and a parent or guardian.
  • A copy of the students most recent grade report or report card.
  • A copy of an official transcript for those transferring from another high school.
  • A copy of the students latest standardized test scores.
  • A recommendation form completed by both an English and a math teacher.  (These are mailed separately to the school by the teachers.)
  • A copy of the students current Immunization Record.
  • A copy of the students Social Security Card.


All parts of the application should be sent to:

Wisconsin Valley Lutheran High School

601 Maple Ridge Road

Mosinee, WI 54455


An interview with the Principal and payment of the registration fee ($250) will finalize the admission process and secure a students place on the class roster.  All freshmen will take an admissions/placement test before the start of the school year.  Testing dates for spring and summer will be announced.


While many students will be Lutheran, any student desiring a quality education in a Christ-centered school environment is welcome to join the WVLHS family.


Wisconsin Valley Lutheran High School does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin, or gender in the administration of our educational policies, employment practices, admission policies, scholarship and loan programs, athletic, and other school administered programs.




Wisconsin Valley Lutheran High School is a Christ-centered ministry of committed congregations, families, and individuals with the vision of the total education of young people.  WVLHS teachers are gifted in Christian witness as well as academic expertise in educating the heart as well as the mind.  The schools programs, curriculum, and other activities exist to foster the full development of each student.  A Wisconsin Valley Lutheran High School education is understood to be the entire program of growth activities provided for students.  This includes the program in personal-spiritual development, the regular academic programs, and the various extracurricular activity programs.


The unique feature of the WVLHS vision for education is the primary emphasis placed on training all students and staff members to be Christian servants, developing their unique talents, but also learning to use them in service to both Gods church family and His world community.  WVLHS teachers are teaching the Christian faith and Christian living at all times, both in and outside the classroom.  Young male and female students are practicing and testing their faith in the laboratory for Christian living which is the WVLHS community.  Personal relationships are built between all member of the Lutheran High family; relationships that can last forever.


Within the daily schedule, a special time is set aside every day for students and faculty and staff to join together in a chapel setting for worship and prayer.  The short devotional chapel will typically be led by a member of the faculty, although there will be guests such as local pastors, musical groups, or drama presentations.  Students will also have the opportunity to provide worship leadership.  Chapel will be both a special place and a special experience.  It will be the time of day when the school community formally gathers as a community in Christ.  The Word of God will be shared, students and staff will pray together for people and circumstances in their lives, and an opportunity for praise and thanksgiving will be provided.  By means of the chapel experience, LHS students and staff will be sent forward each day, with Gods peace, to be servants for the Lord in everything they do. 






Religion I-Old Testament

English I

World Geography

Physical Science

Math-Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, or Geometry

Spanish I

Physical Education


Fine Arts-Art, Music, Choir, or Band

Computer I





Religion II-New Testament

English II

World History


Math-Algebra I, Geometry, or Algebra II

Spanish I or Spanish II

Physical Education


Fine Arts-Art, Music, Choir, or Band






Student Council









Cross Country











Registration                                                                                    $250


Tuition-Member of Association Congregation                                       $3600

Second Child or more                                                                      $3060


Tuition-Non-Member                                                                       $4800

Second Child or more                                                                      $4080


Tuition is divided into ten monthly payments due on the first of the month.  The first monthly payment will be due August 1st.  A late fee of $25 per month will be charged if tuition payments are in arrears.


Other Fees

            Yearbook                                            $25

            Art Materials                                       $25

            Choir or Band                                      $25

            Athletics (per sport)                             $25


Students may have to purchase certain novels for English classes and/or a specific Bible for use in religion classes.  In most cases, WVLHS will buy these in bulk to reduce the cost.  Fees will also be charged for damage/destruction of textbooks beyond normal use.




GENERAL (Required for Graduation)


Theology                   credit for each semester at WVLHS          Varies

Career Education       Computer I                                              1 credit

English                     English I, II, III, and IV                              4 credits

Speech                                                                                credit

Fine Arts                  Music, Art, Choir, or Band                           1 credit

Foreign Language                                                                    1 credit

Mathematics             Any three courses including Algebra II           3 credits

P. E./Health              1 credits in PE and credit Health           2 credits

Science                                                                                2 credits

Social Studies                                                                        4 credits

Electives                                                                            3 credits

Service Hours            5 hours for each semester at WVLHS

TOTAL                                                              22 Credits + Theology



COLLEGE PREP (Recommended)


Theology                  credit for each semester at WVLHS              Varies

Career Education      Computer I                                                 1 credit

English                    English I, II, III, and IV                                 4 credits

Speech                                                                                   credit

Fine Arts                 Music, Art, Choir, or Band                              1 credit

Foreign Language      2 years of the same language                        2 credits

Mathematics            Any three courses including Algebra II              3 credits

P. E./Health             1 credits in PE and credit Health              2 credits

Science                                                                                   3 credits

Social Studies                                                                           4 credits

Electives                                                                              3 credits

Service Hours          5 hours for each semester at WVLHS

TOTAL                                                                               24 Credits + Theology


Wisconsin Valley Lutheran High School *601 Maple Ridge Road * Mosinee * WI * 54455