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Administrator and Board Members
Bringing Christ to the Wisconsin Valley through Christian Education
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This page gives us the opportunity to introduce the Administrator and the Board of Directors of The Wisconsin Valley Lutheran High School.



Wisconsin Valley Lutheran High School Administrator Installed


In a joint ceremony attended by about 300 Lutheran High School supporters, James Rawlings was installed as the first administrator of the Wisconsin Valley Lutheran High School.  Mr. Rawlings left his post as principal of San Antonio Lutheran High School to take this challenge and brings a wealth of experience to the task, having been a Lutheran schoolteacher and principal for 31 years. He is married to Emily, a 6th grade Lutheran schoolteacher who remains in San Antonio with son Joey. Jim and Emily have 4 children. Joey, their youngest will enroll at our school in 2005.  Emily is completing her teaching contract and working on selling their house.


The speaker for the installation was Mr. Bob Whipkey, Assistant to the North Wisconsin District President for education. He gave his remarks amid a background of the Lords audio and visual effects of thunder and lightning. 

Numerous area LCMS pastors took part in the ceremony.  The Reverend Dennis Pegorsch presided at the installation and groundbreaking service.


Mr. Rawlings has been engaged with the development of the high school since August 1st ,2003.  He has been contacting area congregations with information about the new school and is available for chapel presentation, sermons and group presentations.  We pray for God's riches blessings on Mr. Rawlings, his family and the Wisconsin Valley Lutheran High School project.             



2003 Board of Directors
From left to right:
Chuch Kiehl, Director
Sue Fenhaus, Director
Dean Fenhaus, Organizer
Connie Peterson, Board Vice-President 
Doug Seltz, Board President
Sandy Schneider, Treasurer
Pastor Dennis Pegorsch, Pastoral Advisor
Jamie Wehrs, Board Secretary
David Manteufel, Organizer
Bob Schneider, Director (Not Pictured)
2004 Board of Directors
Jerry Bellin - President
Bob Schneider -  Vice-President
Jamie Wehrs - Secretary
Pastor Daryn Bahn - Pastoral Advisor
Sue Fenhaus - Director (Building Planning and Construction)
Steve Rebne - Director
Rick Rickman - Director
Treasurer - Sandy Schneider
Administrator - Jim Rawlings

Feel free to come by and meet us!

Wisconsin Valley Lutheran High School * 601 Maple Ridge Road * Mosinee * WI * 54455